What We Do At Lake Tahoe Communities

Lake Tahoe Communities LLC has been created by a local group of professionals passionate about Lake Tahoe and who’ve called Tahoe home for many years. Our goal is to create a better understanding and knowledge of the many unique communities that comprise what visitors know simply as “Lake Tahoe”, while upon a closer look, is actually a composition of many unique and wonderful areas, each with their own true identity, characteristics, history and amenities.

Our mission is to create a forum for each Tahoe community, each with it’s own identity and website portal where owners and visitors can share information on a community level. By providing this voice to each community, we hope to promote the true “story” behind each area and create a better understanding of the nuances that make Tahoe such a wonderful place to live and enjoy. In doing so, we know this creates a much-needed identity and value for all the areas here in beautiful Lake Tahoe!