Memorial tonight for Heavenly Mountain Resort ski patroller missing in Mount Rainier National Park

A memorial will take place this evening for a Heavenly Mountain Resort ski patroller who went missing while skiing in Mount Rainier National Park earlier this month.
The memorial for Dmitri Pajitnov (known as Dima) will take place at Lakeside Beach House Grill, 4081 Lakeshore Blvd., at 5 p.m.
According to a GoFundMe post, Pajitnov went missing on July 3 after falling through a snow bridge on Mount Rainier near Pebble Creek. Those details also were included in a July 7 press release — which did not specifically name Pajitnov — posted by Mount Rainier National Park.
According to that release, Pajitnov’s ski partner observed the fall and searched for two hours using an avalanche probe and transceiver before descending to Paradise and reporting the incident.

A team consisting of 20 National Park Service (NPS) employees and a guide from Rainier Mountaineering Incorporated searched for Pajitnov that day until it became dark.
Rangers on scene estimated 3 to 5 feet of snow covered the creek in the search area, according to the press release. Rangers also stated that conditions were dangerous due to unstable snow.
Photos taken during the search on July 3 show a large amount of water flowing through the hole in the snow where Pajitnov was reported to have fallen.
Search efforts continued that week, and on July 7 NPS advised several independent search parties that their safety could be at risk if they entered the area.
“We offer our condolences to the family and friends of the missing skier,” Randy King, the park’s superintendent, said in a statement. “From the outpouring of concern, he was obviously much loved. What would compound this tragedy would be the loss of another life. For this reason we advise against private efforts to continue the search.”

Consultation with professional rescue personnel and among friends led to the  “painful conclusion that Dima’s chance of survival under the current conditions was minimal,” the GoFundMe post states. Still, friends would like to bring his body home for a proper funeral.
The post goes on to state the the group plans on making weekly trips to conduct limited searches as conditions allow. Pilots will be conducting regular fly-overs in the area where  Pajitnov is believed to be located.
“Given the current weather conditions and limited resources, we welcome any assistance whether through private search parties, paid services, park officials, the media, or other sources that can help us locate our friend. Any volunteers familiar with the terrain will be greatly appreciated.”
The group says it is working with NPS to be able to use drones and recovery dog teams, neither of which are freely permitted in the park.
According to a website created to celebrate Pajitnov’s life and keep his legacy alive, the 30-year-old was a first-year medical student at St. George’s University, an avid back-country skier, a seven-time Burner, an amateur lumberjack, and an incredible brother, son, cousin and friend.
People are invited to visit the website and share their own memories of Pajitnov.

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15,500-acre Mariposa County fire pushes smoke into Tahoe Basin (video)

Smoke from a 15,500-acre fire in Mariposa County, California is blowing smoking into the Tahoe Basin, according to the National Weather Service Reno.
The blaze, called the Detwiler Fire, is just five percent contained as of Tuesday morning and is threatening 300 structures as it burns two miles east of Lake McClure. The fire broke out on Sunday around 4 p.m.

The smoke we are seeing in western Nevada and in the Tahoe basin is coming from the Detwiler Fire in Mariposa County, California.
— NWS Reno (@NWSReno) July 18, 2017

#DetwilerFire [update] 2 miles east of Lake McClure (Mariposa County) is now 15,500 acres and 5% contained.
— CAL FIRE (@CAL_FIRE) July 18, 2017

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Timothy Charles Wheeler

Timothy Charles Wheeler passed away suddenly July 10, 2017. Timmy (to his friends) was born November 10, 1962. He attended South Lake Tahoe High School.

Tim became owner of Wolfe Plumbing after working for the company for many years with Ted Wolfe, Chuck Wheeler, Lenard Wheeler and Tim Quinn.

He was preceded in death by Bernadette Wheeler (Mother). Charles Harvey Wheeler Jr. (Father). Gregory Wheeler (Brother). Survived by Marijo Wheeler Quinn & Tim Quinn.

As we travel Life’s weary journey, and plod through the gathering years, with our burdens of care and sorrow, o’er a pathway bedewed with tears. If, perchance, for a fleeting moment our hearts should with rapture swell, we have added but one more sorrow, when we bid the glad time “Farewell”.

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Cal Neva lodge, casino still tied up in court a year later

“Lady of the Lake” might have been the nickname Frank Sinatra gave North Lake Tahoe’s Cal Neva Lodge and Casino, but she has seen much better days.
Lake Tahoe’s Cal Neva Resort boasts stunning views as well as a rich history, but remains closed ever since the property owners began renovations and filed for bankruptcy in June 2016, before the work was completed.
Even with its troubled past and less-than-busy location, the aging, fenced-off Cal Neva remains of interest to community members, visitors and even investors.
Oracle software co-founder Larry Ellison’s investment firm recently offered to purchase the property for $38 million, according to Pioneer Funding Group Portfolio Manager Adam Stein-Sapir, who has been following the case.
“You can feel good that he’s going to have the money. You don’t have to worry about him getting a mortgage or anything else,” he said.
Ellison’s investment firm, PA Hotel Holdings, purchased the Epiphany Hotel in downtown Palo Alto in 2015.
He’s also no stranger to expensive real estate, having earned the title of “the nation’s most avid trophy-home buyer” from the Wall Street Journal for his past investments in Lake Tahoe and Malibu.
“But this offer is not the way things work in bankruptcy,” Stein-Sapir said. “When there’s a (bankruptcy code) 363 sale, it needs to be approved by the court, there needs to be a timeline … there’s a whole process that gets put into place.”
A plan to refinance the project with new money could emerge. It’s even possible that a deal emerges that would allow the original owners, Criswell-Radovan, retain some ownership.
“What’s happening here are some (of the parties involved) have each filed a proposal to come out of bankruptcy, and they each have different methods for how they’re going to do that,” he said.
Those plans are currently being reviewed in court, which is why the fate of the Cal Neva has yet to be determined.
Stein-Sapir said that if a plan isn’t agreed upon the judge could order a sale. In that case, he said the property is sold free and clear of all liens and the money is divided among the creditors.
“Generally, the value of a half-completed hotel doesn’t go up over time,” Stein-Sapir said. “It’s very expensive to be in bankruptcy, and you’ve got a business that every day its closed is losing money.”
He said that at this point, the judge needs to decide which plan, or plans, to move forward with, or if a sale is in order. But at this point there is no sale process in place.
“Everybody wants this to go through quickly,” he said.
Criswell-Radovan and their attorneys did not respond to requests for comment.

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UPDATE: Missing teen last seen at Lake Tahoe beach found safe

Sean Asquaga, a missing 17-year-old Reno resident who was last seen at Chimney Beach late Monday afternoon, has been found safe and unharmed.
Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong reported at 11:16 a.m. that Asquaga was found at the Marlette Dam. The sheriff added that the teenager will be transported back to Carson City to family members via paramedics.
ORIGINAL POST: Search underway for missing teen last seen at Lake Tahoe beach
Law enforcement continues to search for a missing Reno teenager last seen Monday at a beach on Lake Tahoe’s North Shore.
Sean Asquaga, a 17-year-old Reno resident, was last seen at Chimney Beach late Monday afternoon when he became separated from his group of friends, according to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office.
Search and rescue crews out of Carson City and with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office remained at the scene throughout the night searching for Asquaga.

“Search crews are on scene at this time with air, boat, and foot crews scouring the area along the Carson and Washoe County shore lines along Highway 28,” stated a Tuesday morning Facebook post by the Carson sheriff.
Asquaga was last seen wearing black shorts with no shirt. The teenager does not have his prescription glasses. He is described as being 5 feet 10 inches tall, with a heavy build, black hair and brown eyes.
Anyone with information regarding Asquaga’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2677 or the nearest law enforcement agency.

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