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[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Tim & Joanna Spiars’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
We just purchased an incredible home at Lake Tahoe that will be a blessing for our family and friends for years to come.  Working with Ken, Jana and Elliot was an AMAZING experience! They knew we were in the market for some time and we were just waiting for the right place to come available.  They kept us updated with houses that would meet our needs, and when Ken saw this house, he immediately called us with great enthusiasm that “This is the one!!” and HE WAS RIGHT! They walked us through the entire process seamlessly and truly cared about our experience. Always responsive and always willing to answer questions, this team is hard-working, knowledgeable, trustworthy, professional, and just good honest people that make the process enjoyable.  That last statement is really all you need to know! After we closed, they continue to check-in with us to make sure we have everything we need and are willing to help in any way possible.

If you want a great experience buying or selling a home in the Tahoe area, we highly recommend this team.  You won’t be disappointed.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Karen’ subtitle=’Realtor, SF Bay Area’ link=” linktext=”]
As a realtor in California for nearly 20 years, I am a tough critic. Rarely, if ever, have I come across professionals like Ken, Jana and the LTC team who truly go beyond the extra mile for their clients. I was introduced to them by a client here in the Bay Area, and knew the moment I met them they were the agents to represent me in the sale of our long time family home in Stateline, an emotional journey to say the least. Their assistance in preparing our home for sale was invaluable, and their marketing plan and extensive relationships in the Tahoe community was very impressive. I had specific requirements and restraints in place surrounding the terms of the sale and the buyer profile I was looking for. Ken, Jana, and the LTC team embraced the challenge and delivered an outcome that exceeded my somewhat outrageous expectations, delivering the perfect cash buyer after only 8 days on the market. If you are looking for stellar representation in Lake Tahoe, there isn’t a better choice.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Long time Tahoe and Logan Creek Residents’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
We have been very blessed to have Kenny and Jana as our neighbors for several years and have been delighted to see the creation and gorgeous photography of Lake Tahoe Communities. Kenny and Jana did an outstanding job marketing our lot. Their attention to detail and keeping us informed all through the process was reassuring that this small piece of property could warrant such attention from them. They are excellent team players and we are nothing but grateful to have had them. We will most certainly be doing more business with them. They’re the BEST!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Steve & Kristine Carlton & Eddy Kadian’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Over 2 year ago we met Ken Bednar and he took the time to show us all areas of Lake Tahoe from his boat. Being long time time-share owners on the lake only made us want to purchase a vacation rental home to begin our gradual transition to being a resident of Lake Tahoe. Even though we weren’t ready at that time, Ken continued to send us opportunities and keep us abreast of the Lake Tahoe market. This summer, Ken and Jana showed us multiple properties and when we thought we couldn’t find the right property, a listing popped up as we were leaving the lake. 30 days later we are the proud owners of our vacation rental in Zepher Cove. Without the persistence of Ken and Jana in arranging and personally attending our home inspections and appraisal and watching over the entire sales process we never would have been able to accomplish this feat. We are thrilled to be part of the community and can’t thank Ken and Jana enough for making it happen. They are not only our new neighbors, they are our new friends.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Mark and Nanette’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
“Ken, Jana and the LTC team continue to do a stellar job helping us buy and sell properties in Tahoe! They are our go to team … we appreciate their innovative approach to marketing properties and their knowledge of the Lake Tahoe region. They are willing to put in the extra effort to put a personal touch into every sale. We have used all of their services, from real estate buying/selling to vacation rentals and would never consider using any other agent/agency to meet our real estate needs in Tahoe! Thank you for being such great partners!”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Bryan and Denise Ingram’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
My wife and I just recently purchased a home in South Lake. We vacationed in the place we bought a year ago. It was absolutely what we were looking for. Unfortunately it was not on the market. I was lucky to make contact with Ken. He showed us many properties but none worked for us. He stayed in contact with us through the months a long search. He and Jana had great market knowledge and a real can do attitude. He met with the owners who were not quite ready to sell. Ken helped them with some of their real estate needs and as a result they were ready to move forward. In short we cant imagine utilizing any other agents for future needs. The entire team was professional and detail driven. I can not say enough about Cindy Richter she smoothed out all the potential issues to create a trouble free transaction. Many thanks to all.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Rob Galloway’ subtitle=’Publisher/GM Lake News
Tahoe Daily Tribune/Lake Tahoe Action
Swift Communications’ link=” linktext=”]
Lake Tahoe Communities is a great resource to not only to get an in-depth look at the individual communities around the Lake, but to also see what real estate is available in those communities.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Jenna and John’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
When it comes to team work to help us find and close our 4-plex Jana and Ken are the TEAM in Tahoe to get the job done. They showed us dozens of properties. They really listened to us taking into consideration our wants and needs. They targeted the properties that were a good fit for us. This made shopping a breeze. With busy lives I feel we did not waste any time looking at properties that were not what we wanted. Their happy, professional and determined approach made buying property a delight and was greatly appreciated. After finding the right fit they worked endlessly to get us the best deal. We saved over $200K off the original list price. Jana and Ken were a pleasure to work with. I know if I need any other advice or services they will be there to help. I highly recommend this dynamic team when considering buying and selling property. Thank you again for all your help.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’JoAnn and Mike’ subtitle=” link=’http://’ linktext=”]
My wife and I have bought and sold real estate for decades. In all those years we never worked with a team like Ken and Jana Bednar and Mike Flanagan of Chase International. Throughout the entire sales process, my wife and I were treated as part of the team. We believe it was their hands-on approach that helped us sell our home so quickly. They didn’t plant a sign and wait and see. They had a marketing approach that targeted thousands of potential buyers, just prior to the house going on the market. Their use of photography and video to highlight the house was amazing.
There are homes on our block that were on the market when we bought our home, three years ago. They are still on the market. I guess the owners didn’t have Kenny, Jana and Mike on their team. We had a solid offer on our home within six weeks of it going on the market in July and we closed escrow on Sep 1st.
If you wish to sell your home in Tahoe and you want to be part of an outstanding team, we highly recommend Kenny, Jana and Mike.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Charles D’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
The first word that comes to mind when I think of Ken and Jana Bednar is excellence. They have a very unique understanding of the sales and marketing process that goes along with selling your property. This process starts with “thinking outside of the box” to make your property stand out above all others, no matter the price tag. They are experts in direct mail, video, and social media. We had our property listed with another agent for 6 months and during that time we had only 14 clients walk through our home. During the first open house with Team Bednar, over 75 clients toured our property and we had multiple offers within the first 2 weeks! Team Bednar treated our property like it was their own and they treated us like we were the most important people on the planet. If you are looking to buy or sell in Lake Tahoe, do yourself a favor and contact Team Bednar first.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Mark and Kathy’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
“To celebrate the July 4th Holiday week this last summer, my husband Mark and myself booked a place in Zephyr Cove. On a walk one afternoon we walked into a Real Estate Office. We were quickly referred to Ken & Jana Bednar of Chase International. We met with them for well over an hour to discuss our wish list. Then we were off in search of our next and hopefully last home. We instantly connected with both Ken & Jana. We felt a friendship from the start. Spent the next several weeks doing research in search of our forever home. Then one Friday evening Ken called and found a house he knew we’d want to see. We drove up early Saturday. Made an offer and was accepted that afternoon. Ken & Jana treated us like family. They went above and beyond working with us to find the right fit. Communication was what every new buyer or seller hopes to get from their Realtor. Both Ken & Jana did a lot of calling, pulled in resources and experts . They even met our future neighbors on our behalf. Outstanding! If you are looking for a partnership, this is your team. Honest, hardworking, passionate about what they do. We have now started a great new friendship with them. ”

Thank you Ken & Jana for making our retirement dream come true.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Paul Reder, President, PR Entertainment ‘ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Like any relationship, whether business or personal, you look for the best “partner”, to help with your goals, objectives, long-term success and happiness. You want someone who is vested in you, and understands who you are, and what you’re looking for. Kenny and Jana Bednar have been my “partners” for over three decades in Lake Tahoe. Not only are they committed partners to each other, they are committed to Lake Tahoe, and to their clients. Their combined knowledge of the region, market trends and values makes their team unbeatable as compared to others in the industry. Once you make the important decision to team-up with the Team Bednar, you instantly feel the comfort and security that you’re in best capable hands with this dynamic duo. There is no better choice in the Lake Tahoe market then Kenny and Jana Bednar for one of the most important decisions of your life…your home!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Lake Tahoe Television & Outside Television Lake Tahoe’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Lake Tahoe Communities have created a 1st in Lake Tahoe Real Estate. A community based information source that is perfect for the real estate industry. This complimentary resource for will provide buyers and sellers better market insight and help you better understand the Lake Tahoe market and individual communities.

A listing with Lake Tahoe Communities gives your property or search a big advantage over other more traditional approaches via cutting edge metrics, visuals, market insight that will deliver results to both buyers and the sellers.

Peter Loughlin
General Manager
Lake Tahoe Television & Outside Television Lake Tahoe
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Lake Tahoe Television’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
I am amazed by what Ken Bednar has done in creating his rich and multi-faceted Lake Tahoe Communities website. He seems to think one step ahead of all other Real Estate brokers and agents, taking an extremely proactive stance and giving the Real Estate customer – both the buyer and the seller – all of the tools they need to buy or sell Lake Tahoe properties. His model establishes a new paradigm and could change the industry – for the better.
Dave Mulligan
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Very Grateful and Happy New Homeowners!’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
We purchased a house that we love in Zephyr Cove. Mike Flannigan of Chase International and Ken and Jana Bednar were invaluable in helping us coordinate and secure a purchase in Nevada. They worked very hard for us in coordinating lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, and homeowner’s insurance companies and explaining requirements to us as new homeowners in Lake Tahoe. Mike, Ken and Jana ensured that they always understood our needs and were great advocates for us with the buyer. They developed a timeline from end to end to keep us informed of whom was doing what and when, which was an essential tool for us to keep track of the items that we were required to complete ourselves and on time. The timeline also included all the companies to contact to set up all utilities, hookups and services in the area which made it easy for us considering we were from out of the area. Now that we have gone through all of steps and hurdles, we are especially grateful that we had them as our team. If you want a team on your side that provides the support you need, then Mike, Ken and Jana is the team for you.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Thomas G.’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
There are an abundance of real estate groups, agents, etc… that list your home on MLS & offer general services. Every once and a while, you can find a team that truly understands the process of actively marketing and selling real estate. Ken & Jana are the latter. They provided exceptional service and attention to detail in listing, staging, and marketing our home with advertising outreach that no other real estate company even discussed with us, much less offered. Not only did they sell our home in record time (35 days) compared to average time on market, but at a price well above market averages for our area here in Tahoe! If you’re looking for real results, I can’t recommend any other team vs. Team Bednar!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Joe and Erin Yung’ subtitle=’Returning Tahoe residents after almost 30 years’ link=” linktext=”]
Ken, Jana and Cindy are the most accommodating, friendly and professional real estate agents I have ever come across.  Not only do they understand your needs and desires but they assist with everything from car delivery to recommendations to furniture disposal.  They truly want you to be happy in your new home.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for experts in this field who have the connections to find the homes that aren’t even listed, but potentially available.  Great experience!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Roxanne and Chris Jennings’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Elliot Young, the Realtor with Chase International, Zephyr Cove, made buying our first Tahoe rental home
fun, easy, and Exciting to be part of this community. His expertise and constant vigilence of market availability
were part of the this great home buying experience. He showed us 16 homes in 2 visits, looked up all the info
we requested – handled our escrow and inspections so professionally, we had the most confidence in this transaction.
I have been a California real estate Broker for over 20 years and my husband has been a general contractor for 3 decades, so we are not easily impressed. We have already recommended Elliot Young to several friends and family, and
look forward to more successful transactions with Elliot.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Jim and Liv – Logan Creek’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Our Lake Tahoe home, with beach rights, was offered for sale, October, 2018 and sold by Ken & Jana Bednar their team in the spring of 2019. Ken, Jana and Elliot work together and they all do their part to make sure our questions were answered, and someone was available at all times. Their website www.LakeTahoeCommunities.com was outstanding, with videos and information about our house, our community, and surrounding area, around the lake. The LTC marketing from the Tribune,TV, Social Media direct mail was outstanding. The closing went smoothly, and the owners are very happy with their new home! We would highly recommend Lake Tahoe Communities, to help you to sell or buy property in the Lake Tahoe region.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Piers and Eleanor Whitehead’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Ken, Jana and the LTC team truly went above and beyond for us in our 15 month search for a home near the lake, during which we changed our minds several times about what we wanted and where. Unfailingly cheerful, professional and patient during this extended search, they found us not one but two rentals to live in while we looked. When we finally found our dream home, they were thorough, always responsive, and inspired us with confidence that we had covered all our bases getting us to a close of escrow.

They are deeply knowledgeable about the Tahoe area and their clients benefit from this not only in their real estate search but also from their contacts in helping get established in a new place. We could not have wished for a better experience.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Happy New Lakeland Village Resident’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Ken and Cindy recently helped us find the perfect second home in South Lake Tahoe. We met Ken and Cindy in late January and they both showed us homes that were very close to what we wanted but just off the mark. In our search, Ken and Cindy went above and beyond – even placing an ad in the local paper – to help us find what we truly wanted!

Ken and Cindy continued to keep their eyes and ears alert for what we knew would be our dream vacation home. After months of their hard work, we made an offer on THE perfect place and are now blessed to call Tahoe our home away from home thanks to our amazing realtors!

If you’re looking for a Realtor to go above and beyond and so much more, Ken and Cindy are your best choice! We’ve not only made realtors for life, but friends for life as well!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Fred’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Great experience with Ken ,Jana and Elliot from Chase International . I had been casually looking in Tahoe for a few years but when I met Ken’s team they went into overdrive to meet my needs and find the right home . They listened to my needs and showed me the appropriate properties . It was an epiphany when Ken showed me the house he knew I’d love and at a below market price . I made an offer and am now the proud owner . Through the process Ken made everything happen as I was an out of town buyer. Ken made Everything happen to the point of gettin dirty and fixing things!  His lovely wife Jana worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a good closing with a difficult seller . In the end I call Ken , Jana and Elliot now my good friends and I look forward to my next life phase up in Tahoe !
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Clive & Kristen’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
We feel so lucky to have met Ken completely by chance at a time when the housing market in South Lake Tahoe was “exploding”. Having recently moved to Tahoe for work, we were living in a short term rental and the clock was ticking on our lease agreement. We were stressed about finding the perfect place to live in a quickly-changing housing market. Ken and Jana helped us find more than a place to live, they helped us find a home that we truly love. It’s the perfect fit for our family. In addition, amazingly, they did it in record time. We met on Friday … put an offer on a house two days later … and were in escrow by Tuesday. It was incredible! We also really feel like they were on our side, going above and beyond to provide information, advice and to calm our nerves and answer our many (sometimes ridiculous) questions. I couldn’t imagine finding a better team to work with under stressful conditions, or any conditions for that matter.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Happy Christmas Valley Residents’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Ken Bednar recently helped us buy our vacation house in South Lake Tahoe. We were new to the area and Ken was the perfect partner for us. He got us familiar with the area and all the various communities. He listened to our needs and preferences and this really helped us narrow down our search. Throughput the process he was very patient and addressed all our questions and concerns. His knowledge of the area and its community members was invaluable. He also has fabulous help on his team in Jana and Elliot. We not only found the perfect home for us but were able to close on time and without a hitch. They continue to help as we settle into our new home. For anyone looking to buy and sell property in the Tahoe area, I would highly recommend Ken and his team.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Long time Tahoe and Zephyr Heights neighbor!’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
I worked with Ken and Jana on the sale and purchase of our new home. This was a complex sale, we required that the sale of our existing house was dependent upon our ability to purchase the new house. In addition we required that the purchase of our new house was dependent upon the buyer of our existing house to perform. With three different personalities, ie the buyer, the seller and yours truly you can imagine that there was a lot of logistics in this transaction. Ken and Jana were able to keep all of the parties at ease and we were able to complete the sale and the purchases. I am forever grateful to the fine job and their professionalism.

When we need another purchase Jana and Ken will be my first call.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Charlena Manchester (Happy Customer)’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Thanks to the Bednar/Young Team for doing a most excellent job on selling my house. I could not be happier with their performance. Their approach to marketing made the difference because my house sold for more than I was asking and the transition went smoothly. The Team went out of their way to make sure that escrow closed by finding repair contractors and inspection services all required for the close of escrow. I will highly recommend them for all your sales needs.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Roxanne Jennings’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Y’all have helped us so much – in so many ways – couldn’t ask for a more helpful, caring,professional team, looking forward to a long association and friendship !
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Pat & Renate Fry’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Elliot Young and Ken & Jana Bednar are quite the real estate team. Their knowledge of the area, their valuable contact base, and their keen ability to make deals are all remarkable. During the highly competitive market in 2020, they skillfully, nimbly, and swiftly led us through the purchasing process of our dream home that involved four other competitive bids. They also preformed on the promise to immediately sell our existing home, representing both buyer and seller. Not only did we find ourselves in contract to buying a home, but by the next day, we were in contract to sell our existing home at a great price – We could hardly believe it! Acquiring Financing was proving tricky and lengthy while going through the escrow process, but Bednar and Young kept communication lines open so that the purchases were kept viable. We’ve bought and sold a lot of real estate over the years. Our experience with Jana, Ken, and Elliot was top notch, and we highly recommend them as truly effective professionals especially in this fast moving Tahoe real estate market.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Rob Rodriques’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Being in my mid 30’s, and coming from San Diego and having little knowledge of the Tahoe area, I was introduced to Ken. From the second we spoke, I knew he was my guy. From in depth knowledge of every community, to understanding market trends, Ken answered all my questions and more. Within less than a month, Ken found me my dream home, negotiated the best possible price and closed the deal. A year later, I talk with him often, but more importantly, THANK him for exceeding every expectation I had in a real estate agent. Now he is not my agent, he is a friend! I strongly recommend Ken and his entire team to anyone looking to buy in Tahoe!”
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Jill & Chris Gaughan’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
My husband and I met Ken as we were driving through the Tahoe Keys and an Open House sparked our curiosity. We popped our heads in and struck up a great conversation about old trucks and cars. Since then Ken has shown us multiple properties in Tahoe, many of which we made an offer with the help of Jana and her team. Many times, he’s arrived at showings in his old classic car to continue the great conversations. He has shown us properties in the deep snow of winter, and he would always get there much earlier to plow the driveways and shovel the walks. Life and jobs have taken us away from the Tahoe area, but when we decided to sell an investment duplex in South Lake Tahoe, Ken was the first person we called. He spent time getting to know the tenants (and their pets!) and helped us tremendously as he found buyers and coordinated showings with some not-so-cooperative tenants. He helped us from afar by meeting repairmen to get the place up to standards and making sure the driveways were plowed during a snowstorm for showings. In the end, he helped us get top dollar for our property with his excellent negotiation skills and extensive connections to find the perfect buyer. Ken is definitely a people person and his dedication to get the job done is phenomenal. I wish he was licensed in each city as I move forward in life to help with future transactions. Thank you, Ken, Jana, and your team!
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’James and Amanda Malarkey’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
Ken & Jana Bednar and Elliot Young really know the Tahoe market. They also know who their clients are and will go the extra mile to provide what I would call the “best in class” realtor service that I have ever seen. I would feel comfortable letting them watch our first, second and third born child (we only have three). They are amazing, and I promise they will not fail to help you find the perfect Lake Tahoe property. Their 34 year connections and relationship with this community runs so very deep.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Ron and Liz Iversen’ subtitle=” link=” linktext=”]
From the first day, we knew we had true dedicated partners and genuine friends to support us. We met Ken casually driving through Lake Tahoe looking at communities to fine tune our real estate search. After listening to our desires, he accelerated our focus and we closed after looking at just three houses. Ken and Jana supported us through critical mountain site evaluations, property inspections and boundary resolutions as well as connected us with reliable local artisan contractors who were able to actualize our dream retirement home. And they even found long term renters for our condo. Knowledgeable, thoughtful, diligent, positive and personable. They are truly full service! No issue was too complicated; no detail was overlooked. We wouldn’t make another Lake Tahoe real estate decision without them.