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Lake Tahoe Communities could not exist without the support of so many diverse contributors who share our passion for Lake Tahoe. These individuals have deep roots at the lake with backgrounds in Real Estate, Photography, Residential Home Construction, Resort Development, Entertainment and Information Technology to name a few. In contribution to promoting individual communities of Tahoe, many of our business owners will share special offers for members of Lake Tahoe Communities, including; restaurants, marina’s, ski shops, art studio’s, night clubs, ski areas, boat Charters and Retail shop Owners.

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The dynamic team of Jana and Ken Bednar is poised to make a significant impact in the real estate market in many positive ways.  With decades of experience in land development, acquisition and planning, and their comprehensive knowledge in sales, marketing, and investor financing, Jana and Ken offer an unprecedented level of intellect to their real estate clients throughout the West.  All combined, they have sold over 10,000 resort destination waterfront properties around the world and achieved one billion dollars in sales.

Although they have many strategies to assist in home sales and provide prime property for those seeking the quintessential Tahoe lifestyle, their primary mission is to develop a new “Lake Tahoe Communities” web-based information platform.  With an easy navigation format, this program will individually highlight the many personalities and features of the varied communities within the Lake Tahoe region.  “Lake Tahoe Communities will showcase the true ‘story’ and distinctions of each of the neighborhoods that collectively make the High Sierra such an extraordinary place to live and relish.”

From their experience in building, marketing, and selling some of the largest waterfront resort developments in the country, to their well-established 28-year residency in Lake Tahoe, Ken and Jana are honored to share their unparalleled knowledge and endless passion for their home town with their clients through Chase International’s Zephyr Cove, Nevada, office.

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John was immersed at a very early age in marketing and sales, with most of the family earnings derived from retail and seasonal sales. His first computer was acquired at the age of eight, when his father took a computer as a down payment for a car. Even though John was forbidden from touching the computer he did so anyway by taking the computer into his closet and powering it on. It was at this moment that John’s true passion for technology emerged and his life’s path started to unfold.

Since that fateful day, John has led a dynamic technical career helping some of Americas largest companies manage complex computer programming, marketing and cyber security initiatives. He is a natural born problem solver who designs and develops cost effective, high-performance technology solutions to meet any challenge.

John’s recent accomplishments include leading all technical and cyber-security initiatives for the largest transportation and logistics company in North America and the 11th largest natural gas utility in the United States. He also participates in cyber-security operations with state and federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In addition to this public service, John also volunteers his time as a cyber-security instructor to middle school students in the area.

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Active and ambitions with an aim to please, Elliot Young ‘s ability to help his clients succeed is ignited by his innate ability to make things happen – no matter what the challenge may be – on their behalf. “Helping people is in my nature. The biggest motivation I have for serving my clients with the best possible service is to ensure they achieve their real estate goals.” His enthusiasm for the business is well-balanced with a tremendous personal admiration for the region which in his opinion offers “more than a home, it offers an unrivaled lifestyle.” While working in Guest Services at some of Lake Tahoe’s most prestigious resort properties, Elliot refined his understanding and appreciation of all walks of life. Today he infuses that experience into his real estate business where he continues to listen to his clients needs and offer only the most appropriate advice. Whether someone seeks his advice to find the perfect home or sell their investment and move on, Elliot evaluates every situation as if it were his own and completes each transaction with a caring and considerate style. After his clients’ needs are met, Elliot makes time to fully enjoy the Sierra Nevada mountains which he affectionally refers to as his ‘own backyard.’ Dedicated to all who seek his assistance, Elliot can be contacted through Chase International’s Zephyr Cove, NV office.

Elliot Young
[email protected]
(775) 588-6130
(800) 322-6130
(775) 291-7525 cell
(775) 588-6113 fax

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Born in England and spending most of his childhood in South Lake Tahoe, CA, Brad was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by beauty. He was always fascinated by Nature and everything it had to offer. Huge mountain peaks, powerful ocean waves, glassy lakes, and deserts as far as the eye could see.

Brad competed professionally in Skiing and that took him to many places in the world, all beautiful in there own way.
Brad picked up a camera in middle school and never looked back. Now he is always seeking out unique angles that not only show the beauty and power that he sees but also shares the feeling and emotion that he has when he captures these moments in time. Brad’s Photography and Videography takes him all over the world to places many only dream of going.

Living life to the fullest and loving every moment of it. That is what Brad Scott is all about.

Brad has developed a real passion and expertise in Aerial Photography and is FAA Part 107 Certified to use Small UAS otherwise known as Drones to capture unique low altitude aerial imagery. Brad Also loves to capture aerial images from helicopter with the doors off to get a crystal clear aerial photo of the beautiful landscapes.


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